August 30, 2010

Making Dresses, Rocking Out, and Winking Like a Pirate

Have you ever seen the blog, New Dress a Day? Basically, this cute chick buys a hideous item from a thrift store, models it, disassembles it, rebuilds it with her sewing machine, and it winds up looking like a hip, runway piece. Amazing.

Anyhow, Kaci and I discussed the blog at length (as silly girls are wont to do) and decided to try out the concept for ourselves. On Saturday, Kaci provided the chic apartment and wide assortment of wine. Kortney provided the camera and the delicious peaches-and-goat-cheese appetizer. And I provided Kortney (via my car) and the occasional comedy relief. What, it totally counts!

Prior to the dress-making party, Kort and I swung by the thrift store to find our starter dresses. Instead, we got distracted by the half-off sale and the loads of cute clothes waiting to be purchased. Instead of finding a dress, I found a cute skirt which didn't quite fit right. Damn you, bubble butt!

While I might have resigned to never wearing the $2.00 skirt, Kaci came up with the idea of turning it into a strapless top. Kort and Kaci tinkered with ribbons and safety pins, while I drank more wine. Yeah, I'm that friend.

After sewing the adjustable ribbon on and cinching the hem into a "sweetheart" neckline (I think that's what they called it), my new top was adorably hip:

Meanwhile, Kaci's hot friend, George, had found an awesomely-80s dress in a purple and turquoise paisley pattern. First thing, she cut it in half:

Then, in a moment of pure fashion genius which I cannot comprehend, she sewed the lower half onto a turquoise tube top, then topped it off with a wide belt. Zang!

At some point during the crafty affair, I took the yoke (again, I think that's what they called it) from the front of George's dress, affixed it to my plastic bead necklace, and made...

A pseudo-pearl thong! See, you guys aren't the only ones with mad-crafting skillz!

Okay, so I may have had a little too much to drink at this point.

Fast-forward another few hours of silliness, it was time to head to Bushwhacker's to see Keene's band perform.

The band, A Reliable Source, played a fantastic set, as always.

(I was going to mention something about watching three sexy, talented guys rocking out right here, but then decided it would probably be awkward to call my boyfriend's buddies sexy, so let's just stick with talented...)

As an aside, check out Keene's awesome fantastic (dang, I need to increase my vocabulary) radical vintage shirt.

A quick story about the red hat I'm wearing. That morning, while picking out my outfit for the day, I decided I wanted to emphasize the red trim on my polka dotted tank top. "Do I have a red hat? No? Why the hell not?" So, while eating breakfast, I quickly crocheted a coordinating hat for my outfit.

Crocheting: a handy craft for any hat-wearer to learn.

A group shot, featuring Hunter, Kaci, George, George's new dress, Keene's sister Rachel, and me giving the famous pirate wink. (This is when you squinch up your face like a pirate, close one eye, and say "Arr!")

Here's a snotty-nosed version for clarification:

Trust me, it's sexy as all get-out.

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