August 23, 2010

Here are some sucky things about parenting

which you don't realize until you're a few years in.

1. Shopping for school supplies is the ultimate in suck. I used to love it as a kid. It's a whole other world when you're the parent, though.

First of all, you have a list of about twenty different items, with multiple quantities of each. It gets very pricy, very fast. I spent easily over $100 on Saturday and didn't even get everything on the list.

Second, it forces you to shop at places like Walmart in order to avoid said high prices. School-supply-shopping at Walmart is like Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. At Walmart.

Third, the schools take all the fun out of the supplies. They demand things like plain colored folders instead of fun character folders. No Trapper Keepers. No fun pencil boxes.

Fourth, like I said, you don't even get everything you need, so you then have to go to another store and repeat it all over again.

2. It's great when your kid has friends over. They entertain each other and your kid is happy. Awesome. However, sometimes the kids that come over? Well, they suck.

The kid that came over on Saturday is a nice, but wild, kid. Apparently, while using the kids' bathroom, he found some "play foam" and sprayed it everywhere. I didn't discover this until Sunday when I looked up at the light fixture and saw a big green glob. Then I glanced at the walls to see green everywhere. Our kids spent a good ten minutes cleaning up their bathroom as a result (with Kayden washing the walls).

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