August 30, 2010

Grocery store: good place to hit on a chick?

Keene and I got into a debate about an article I'm writing.

He says a grocery store is a great place to hit on a woman (albeit, subtly and tactfully). He says it's because people aren't just there to hook up, you meet normal people, and you can talk to them without it turning into something more (such as just asking if they know how to pick out bell peppers).

On the other hand, I am very much on the defensive. I don't like to be approached at the store, whatsoever. I am there, running errands, not just wanting to hang out and chat with someone. Plus, I don't want someone intruding on what is kind of a personal thing. Furthermore, I'm just sick of guys hitting on me at the grocery store.

So, where do you stand, assuming you were single? Grocery store pickups: yay or nay?

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