August 24, 2010

Frogger Hat

I got the idea to make a frog hat (an abundance of green yarn on hand, maybe?) one night. Using the basic hat pattern in dark green, I ended it with typical earflaps.

However, rather than adding braids, I added wonky frog feet.

I decided to rename it the Frogger Hat in honor of its feet looking smashed. (Nevertheless, I fixed the feet up a tad afterwards.)

Before addressing the feet issue, though, I wanted to stick on a face. But where to place the eyes?

Down low, in the middle, or at the top?

Kayden had his own ideas:

I ran a poll among my neat-o Internet friends. The results came back:

As you can see, the small hat is squeezing my brain out through my ear. Also, I am not silly enough to deserve the wearing of the frog hat.

Clearly, the only heads which are small enough and silly enough are those of kids:


Rick said...

Will this hat be "hopping" into your etsy shop anytime soon?

Joshua said...

And my head. I need a hat like that.

Kelli said...

Rick, yes. I'm hoping to list it within the week, but I've been toadally swamped.

Yucka yucka yucka.

Keene: that will be $30. Plus the $50 you already owe me. ;)