August 25, 2010

Attention: Tarantulas are Real.

I always assumed tarantulas were fake. I have seen them at the zoo and at pet stores. I even saw one at the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver, bravely being held by squealing kids. However, subconsciously, I assumed they didn't exist beyond these environments, unable to survive outside of protective glass enclosures.

So that is why I was shocked when Keene found one walking around the campground's restrooms in California. He ran back to the car where we were waiting, knocked on the windows, then beckoned us to follow him. We chased after him, turned a corner, and saw this:

You want to know why its butt is raised up in the air like that? Because Keene poked it with his phone. He poked it. The monster spider.

Clearly, common sense is not a prerequisite for intelligence.

You can tell how far back I stood, lest it be one of those tarantulas that can jump to catch its prey (or a bystander's nose, I'm just sayin').

Don't worry, though. Tarantulas cannot climb walls. They are too bulky. Besides, the possibility of such a mammoth spider being able to climb walls, and therefore, able to crawl through an open window or to drop down one's chimney is far too scary to be real--

Oh wait, never mind. They can.

Tell me: what kind of world do we live in where these little demons are just freely strolling about? I feel like life will never be the same.

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