July 30, 2010

We resolved our longest-standing argument

Keene likes to put water in a pitcher in the fridge. He had read something about :insert scientific studies: and it filters or whatever.

I was cool with that. Cold water. Yay!

However, then he read that the lid should be left open overnight for :insert more scientific stuff: to happen. It's supposed to kill the bad whatevers.

The problem is that when the pitcher is full and the lid is open and I pull it out of the fridge (not knowing the lid is open), it pours everywhere. I grumble. He grumbles when I close the lid.

This has been going on for months. (Yes, really.) I pour water. I grumble. He grumbles about not wanting to die young. And so on and so on.

Finally, I came up with the idea of drilling a hole in the lid, in order to allow the :science shit: to happen, while keeping the lid closed.

He was shocked and amazed.

Since then, we haven't grumbled once.

We = lame

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