July 22, 2010

A New Bike and a New Wallet

I noticed the last two posts were nothing but text. So how about a few pictures to liven things up a bit?

This is the bike I mentioned a couple days ago:

We showed a picture to the people at Bicycle Village and they confirmed that it was likely made around the late-'50s to early-'60s. They also invited us to join a weekly ride for cruisers.

You know the typical teenage-movie scenario where the ugly girl (who isn't really ugly at all, just wearing nerdy clothes and glasses and hair that covers her face) gets a makeover then becomes uber-popular, only to discover that she is losing herself and all of her true friends because of her newfound popularity?

Well, that's totally me and this bike. It has made me 10% hipper by association. Soon, I'll be hanging out with all the cool, bike-riding hipsters of downtown Denver, shirking my true friends. I may even have a moment in which, after a friend pleas that I need to be true to myself, I turn and ride away, but not before the tires fling mud onto her face. Then all of my new thick-rimmed-glasses-wearing friends will laugh.

On a side note, I can't decide if the bike's name should be The Hawth (for obvious reasons) or Christine, due to the repeated injuries it causes to those who come near it. I will probably need a tetanus shot, seeing as how the thing is fairly rusty in spots. Hmm...Rusty. That's a good, strong name. Rusty "I'm a Bike" Cruiser. I like it.

Nevertheless, the bike doesn't look like this right now. It's actually disassembled (no disassemble!) in the living room, so Keene can fix the tires. JUST THE TIRES! Being a guy, he wants to fix everything he possibly can. But my plastic Eclipse wallet** screams each time he mentions another repair the bike needs in order to be rideable.

**Yes, I really do have a plastic Eclipse wallet.

(The cover is a hologram...holograph? Holographic-type thing?)

(I kept the movie-promo insert in the wallet. It lends an extra bit of crazy.)

If we are Facebook-friends, you may remember a while back, I posted about how I lost my wallet. My wallet that had over $1,000 in cash tucked away in it. I like to live on the edge, you know.

Anyhow, since then, I have not had a wallet. One day, I picked up Kayden after he had spent the week with his dad. After hello-hugging, he proudly pulled the plastic Eclipse wallet from his pocket and gave it to me. He said he got it at Burger King and had been holding onto it ever since, so he could give it to me. "Because you don't have a wallet, anymore."

If I could insert a crying emoticon right here without losing all blog-credibility, I would. It was incredibly sweet gesture from that endlessly-sweet kid. So I use it. I get strange looks from people when I pay for anything. But that's okay. They're just being haters, you know.

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