January 7, 2010

Keene Rocks the Cub Scouts

We were asked to head up a Cub Scout den meeting, and had decided to do it on music. I kind of took the backseat on this, while Keene led.

He. Was. Fantastic.

He taught the boys all about sound waves and the way music works, scientifically. We brought a ton of instruments (yes, to the school where they meet) and he taught them about each one. He also made a stand-up washboard bass out of Cub Scout popcorn tin. Then the boys each got to play with them. I think I was more paranoid about them dropping them or banging them on tables than he was.

At one point, he played the bass for them and they were in total awe. They looked at each other with huge smiles. This was probably one of the best den meetings we've had. I could tell even the other parents were impressed with him.

(Even though the picture quality is lousy, I have blocked out faces, just in case parents don't want their boys' photos on a blog that talks about threesomes.)

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