July 15, 2010

Canoes and Guns: Part Two of Magness Camp

Welcome back. Last time we spoke, Kayden and I had gone to Peaceful Valley Ranch for three days of torture and my phone was being a stubborn jerk-face. "Ooh, look at me," it said, "I'm dead. Try again later."

"Why, Kelli," you may be asking, "Why are you inordinately upset with your phone?" To which I tell you that I nearly ran out of gas later that day, while rushing to pick up Kayden from school, and that I wasn't able to call Keene for help because of my dead phone. Then you may say, "But isn't it your fault that you neither charged your phone nor filled up your gas tank when the Low Fuel light kicked on?" To which I cross that out and say, "It's my blog. Quit making me look bad. We're here to look at pictures."

So, Day 2. Afternoon. More. Freaking. Activities.

Crafts. Kayden made a covered wagon. I nearly ruined the whole thing when I tried to push the thumbtacks in with a hammer. The side of the cart exploded, but I quickly fixed it.

During a short break, the teenager counselors hit fruit with golf clubs and baseball bats to the delight of the children. (If you look carefully, you can actually airborne chunks of an orange.)

After baking a Dutch oven cake, it was off to the lake for boating. This is the activity we enjoyed the most.

Despite the lake being fairly deep, this kelp rose nearly to the surface:

At this point, it was time for the Webelos (those are the 4th and 5th grade Cub Scouts, for you unknowledgeable folks out there) to split off from the rest of the group, hike to a higher point on the mountain, and camp there for the night. We prepared foil dinners, then set off on (yet another) long hike.

This turned out to be the most enjoyable part of the weekend. We set up our new, little orange tent (which proved to be sturdy and cozy):

The rest of the evening was spent with friends (and parents of friends, in my case), eating dinner, singing and dancing at a flag ceremony:

After nightfall, everyone hiked in the dark (no flashlights allowed) to a higher point on the mountain, to a clearing where we sat beneath a ridiculously starry sky and listened to stories and ate cookies. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of this.

After the night hike, Kayden crawled in the tent and passed out, while I stayed up and played cards by flashlight with another parent:

Finally (finally!!), it was Day 3. The anticipation of leaving was nearly unbearable. For me, that is.

After packing up the tent and eating a surprisingly tasty breakfast, we set out for more walking and more activities.

This time, the activities were geared entirely towards violence. Score!

About four hours later, after shouting goodbyes over our fleeing backs, we were on our way home: both of us exhausted, both of us eager to get home.

Don't worry, that's not puke. It's bribery-flavored ice cream.

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