June 16, 2010

"Why would I want to read more?"

If you scroll down, you'll see a bunch of Read More links at the bottom of nearly every post.

"What the crap?" you are probably asking, if you don't have the clarity of mind or the patience to say, "Kelli, why are you inserting links at the end of nearly every post?"

If your computer is anything like my work computer, it doesn't quite understand this new technology called the In-ter-net. It probably has to read each line of coding aloud, in order to fully comprehend it. Maybe it even re-reads it, a bit slower this time, but then gets frustrated, goes to the library, and checks out "Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet."

My point is, the work computer is slow and can't load pages as fast as my whip-fast fingers would like. So I assume that there are others out there with similar problems.

Or, maybe you just don't like to scroll through photos and photos of me blinking into the camera, in order to get to the next post.

So, basically, I added all these Read More links to the lengthy photo posts (and to the dating advice posts, since I'm sure no one reads those anyways).

Hopefully, this will make the world a better place. No, really. Because Read More also has the power to end war. And to relieve strippers of their thong-wedgies.

Speaking of which... Read More!

(Don't worry, there are not actually thong-wedgies within.)

Ta-da! Now you can peruse this page, then hit the Back button at the top when you want to return to the rest of the blog.

Oh, and here is Maia, being a flying fish.


Joshua said...

What the crap?!?

Joshua said...

Oh, I get it! That's a great idea!

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