August 12, 2008

My Fall '08 Dating Resolutions.

- To NOT give out my number just because I feel guilty saying "I'm not that into you."

- Like with Leland and Jay, to get out as soon as I feel the first sign of being bored or weirded out. Once again, I need to get over feeling bad for these guys.

- To try to meet guys somewhere besides Falling Rock or on the streets. Seriously.

- To not sleep with a guy the same night I meet him. (I'm still researching the pros and cons of this resolution...)

- To meet at least one guy who earns more money than me. Not because I want his money or want him to buy me stuff. It's more like a curiosity: are they any different? More like a quality guy? Able to do more fun activities with me?

Any other resolutions I should consider?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The first one is pretty solid - I made this resolution awhile back and my life is so much better lol. I usually just end the conversation before it can even get to that point.