June 7, 2010

I think weed gets a bad rap.

This is brought to you by the conversation at the tea party, in which seven women between the ages of 40-70 talked about the horrors of marijuana.

Yes, if you smoke too much, it makes you a burnout with no motivation. But then again, anything in excess is bad.

Yes, it has some harmful effects, but these are not even as dangerous as cigarettes and alcohol.

Yes, you CAN be a good parent and a productive member of society even if you smoke it.

Yes, some people really do liken it to a glass of wine to help them relax. And some people smoke it to help with headaches/nausea/whatever is physically ailing them.

Yes, it can impair you. However, everybody handles it differently. What knocks one person on their ass can have no physical effect on another person.

Calling it a gateway drug is stupid. It is only a gateway drug in the way that it is cheaper and more accessible than coke or shrooms. But just because a kid does weed, that doesn't mean he'll feel obligated to do more. Rather, the kid that is interested in doing drugs will do them regardless of what he starts out with.

That's all. I didn't share my opinion, since I was there "representing" my friend as her former student. So, this is me venting retroactively.

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