June 9, 2010

Donovan, Bigfoot, Arch Ball, and Life Lessons

The combination of coffee, orange juice, and Donovan makes me want to pee my pants with happiness. It's true.

"When I was a young man, I was taught to believe that there were organizations that would a-kill-a my snakes for me: i.e. the church, i.e. the government, i.e., school...but when I got a little bit older, I realized I had to a-kill them myself."


This is one of those occasions where I don't really have anything clever to add to these photos. They are just fun photos of us hanging out at the hot tub, back when it was still chilly outside.

Kayden is weird about his feet. He doesn't like for anyone to see them; therefore, they are like the Bigfoot of the feet world. (Wait, Bigfoot...feet...I'm sure there is a pun in there somewhere. Maybe I'll come back to this after a little more coffee.) Because of this, he chickened out and wouldn't put his feet in. But because I'm a jerk, I chased him down and made him do it anyways.

Holy crap! There is even more fun stuff to read...


When I was around eight years old--before my family got a computer--I made a laptop out of cardboard. I freakin' loved that thing and typed on it all the time.

Also, my mom used to bring home old office supplies for me. I filled out receipts and phone messages, wrote in my outdated planner, kept files.

Sadly, the real-life corporate world just isn't as exciting as it was back then.


Life lessons for the 21st century:

See more hilarious lessons at Surviving the World.


Sometimes I think Keene and I may be immature.** I mean, really immature. So immature that we probably shouldn't have had kids yet. One example of this was last night, when we played Wall Ball with a large bouncy ball, by throwing it at the arch near the top of our supa-high ceilings, while laying down and trying not to get hurt each time the ball rocketed towards our faces.

Don't worry. He's not dead...just handsome:

At one point, Kayden threw it off-center, causing it to bounce back toward the mantle. Something fell off and shattered in a most spectacular way. Pow! Pow! Pow! Turns out, though, it was a wooden nesting doll. It hadn't broken at all, but rather de-nested upon impact, which accounted for the commotion.

While that should have stopped our game, we played until the flashy storm distracted us and we went outside to watch it.

** I was going to say "retarded" there, instead of "immature." But then after writing and re-writing that line in order to make me not sound like a politically incorrect retard, I finally changed it. I think "immature" is more fitting, anyways. And that way, I won't offend anyone. Whew! Close call, Kelli!

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