June 8, 2010

Denver's Chalk Art Festival

Man alive, I love Denver. I love how this city always has some event, some festival, some fantastic activity to bring its residents together. This past weekend was not only the annual People's Fair, but also the Chalk Art Festival in Larimer Square. And holy crap! I love chalk!


I love the creativity of this artist. She's drawing a picture of herself (do you think she planned her outfit in advance?) drawing a picture of someone else, based on a picture her chalk-self already drew.

I was stoked to see this chalk drawing, based on an Alphonse Mucha painting. Mucha is one of my favorite artists (and the original artist of the tattoo on my upper back).

Kayden and I went back the next day to see the finished products:

One drawing was based on a Salvador Dali painting--another of my favorite artists.

And now for a few pictures my friend Heather the Texas Rose took. I would have smiled in this picture, but the portion of my brain that controls those muscles had actually melted. (Oh, and see that beer in my hands? I got that for being a writer for Examiner.com. Woo-hoo for connections!)

After dinner, we walked around downtown a bit, then decided to play in the fountain.

(If you look closely, you'll see that Maia's shirt says, "Lifegaurd," from when Keene had painstakingly drawn the letters on her shirt for Career Day at school, but only realized the next day that he had transposed a couple letters.)

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