May 11, 2010

Very funny, Office.

I slack at work sometimes.

I'm not proud of this. But I still do it.

Part of the reason is because I am so terribly bored. I finish all of my work quickly and praise-worthy-ing-ly. Because it's kind of like my super-power.

I create work for myself. I ask for work.

But I just zip through it all, then find myself bored again. It's a problem.

So, I slack.

Normally this isn't really a problem. I mean, as long as my work is getting done, right?

Well, my office doesn't think so.

Here are some things you should know about my office:

1. It faces to the south, but has such a big window that I get a good view of both the west and east. (No, I'm not just bragging here...this is important information.)

2. The outer windows are apparently tinted because of #1, to prevent insane sun glare.

3. When it is dark and cloudy outside (which is rare in Colorado...and yes, I am now bragging), this window becomes a mirror. A very handy mirror, I might add, when I need to fix my hair or check my teeth for leftover bits of food.

4. This mirror/window sits right next to my desk.

5. When I decide to slack, I open the internet browser on my second monitor (conveniently facing away from the door). My laptop's screen is used solely for work.

I could continue ticking out numbers, explaining about how a person (say, my boss) walking through my office door could glance at my mirror/window on a rainy day like today, and easily catch sight of my second monitor displaying The Bloggess.

But I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Damn you and your morals too, Office.

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