May 13, 2010

Stupid Cat.

I talk on occasion about Scar Cat, the legendary and ferocious beast who lives with me. I talk about him because he's a cool cat and because he thinks he's a dog. He has stories to tell, but is way too cool to tell them to either you or me.

However, we actually have another cat. A cat I don't really talk about. She's not a cat. She's the kind of cat that attacks her tail when she catches it twitching. And she's not just lovably dumb. She is annoyingly dumb. She screams (yes, screams) if she thinks you might step on her tail. When Scar Cat chases her because she's a cat, she howls like 6-year-old girl. I know this because I've compared her screams to those of Maia's.

She's dumb, she screams, she's dramatic. I don't really talk about her. It's no secret that I favor Scar Cat. I let him sleep on my face all night, but push her off the bed as soon as she tries to jump up. This makes Keene sad, so he goes out of his way to favor her, even though she really hasn't earned it.

So, I wouldn't normally post something as silly as pictures of a cat with some silly commentary to make it look like a legitimate blog post. But I have some business to attend to which keeps me from posting the usual long, drawn-out introspective sprinkled with witty one-liners and portmanteaus.*

Instead, here is Dodo vs. the wind-up Bunny.

After watching Dodo battle the bunny for an embarrassingly long time, Scar Cat finally got up and handled business in a swift and brutal manner.

*I don't know if I've ever fully shared my love of portmanteaus on here before. I love them so much, I'd be willing to change my name to Natalie Portmanteau. (See what I did there? Thank you, English degree!) That will have to change. I will think of and post a full list of the amazing portmanteaus I have created over the years.

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