May 11, 2010

Slow Adult at Work

One winter morning, the kids and I walked out to my car. We had had a snow storm the night before and the car was covered in ice. In fact, the ice was so thick, we had to yank hard on the doors just to open them.

Yet all the windows and the windshield were completely clear. No ice, no snow.

I dropped off the kids, then headed off to work. As I was driving, I couldn't stop wondering how the weather could have layered the whole car with thick ice, but skipped the windows. Could it have been some kind of scientific reaction of ice-meeting-glass which was beyond my comprehension? I was amazed at my good luck.

Twenty minutes later, I realized Keene had scraped the windows before he left that morning.

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Brittany said...

haha I love this story for some reason :).