May 7, 2010

A Reliable Source at Bushwhackers

On Saturday, Keene's band did a laid-back photo shoot at 13th Tavern with Syd Cymbala. Even though I felt like a weird tag-a-long groupie/girlfriend, I still went so I could hang out with Syd afterward. To see the awesome results, click here. (Or rather, I would suggest you right-click then select Open in New Tab, so that you can keep browsing Boho too. Multi-tasking will make you live longer.)

Later that night, they played at Bushwhackers, a metal club on Broadway. Once again, I handled the video footage, but did not screw it up this time.

To see more videos of their performance, click here.

There sure are a lot of links going on in here. I bet you're saying, "Why am I even reading your blog? It's just being the middle-man right now. Go here, now go here! What am I? Your secretary, someone you can just order around?"

To which I say, "Yes. Now go to YouTube and look at their damn videos. And then get me some coffee. With cream and sugar."

If you want to follow the band on Facebook, click here.

Just kidding, click here.

Now, if you're like me, you're thinking, "This is great and fantastic, but enough about Keene and his band. We want more Kelli!" I know that's what I started thinking after posting all these links and videos.

Rather than watching people with real talent, wouldn't you rather just see a picture I took because I noticed a new wrinkle near my eye one day?

Me too.

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