May 10, 2010

Brooding and Kite-Flying

Lately, I've been feeling a bit of the monotony kicking in. I can usually tell when this is happening because I get moodier and moodier. I also find myself saying, "Blah! I don't want to go to bed yet, because that means it'll be time to start a new day."

My mind is bursting at the seams lately. There are so many things to plan for and to work on, yet when I get to my day job, I'm forced to slow down and zone out. boring.

Because my brain is fried and I have nothing to give to this blog today, here are some happy pictures of kite-flying.


Amber said...

I'm 26 and I've never actually flown a kite. I should probably work on that. Looks fun.

Kelli said...

Amber, get yourself to a dollar store immediately! You must take the day off to fly a kite. I command it.