May 20, 2010

The boy astounds me.

A few Sundays ago, we went to the park to let the kids ride bikes and look for snakes. Once there, I answered a call from my dad, so Keene took the kids riding on without me.

About an hour later, we went to the grocery store. While I was paying, I gave Kayden a quarter to get a gumball and Maia a penny so she could ride the mechanical horse. I sent Keene along with Maia to keep an eye on her.

While walking out to the car, Kayden said:

"I worry that nobody pays attention to you."

I asked what he meant. He replied: "Well, it's just that you're left alone a lot, like at the park and at the store. I worry that you'll feel left out, like no one pays attention to you. So I try to pay extra attention to you."

I reassured him that it doesn't bother me, that I like being alone at times just like he does, and other times, I send Keene and Maia away because they can get annoying in the store.

(No, this isn't just me being calloused. Anyone who has ever shopped with them can attest to this. Like the time at Toys R Us when Keene picked up a balloon toy and started to blow it up. An employee walked by and glared at him, but happy with this toy which he wasn't planning to buy, Keene didn't notice.)

(Parents, please be sure to properly clean your children's new toys before letting them put their mouths on it. You never know who handled it while it sat on the shelf.)

Back to Kayden, I gave him a big hug and told him how considerate and sweet he is.

It shocks me to hear these kinds of things from a 9-year-old boy.

Last night, while I was slowly dying of the flu, shivering under a pile of blankets in the dark, I heard from the doorway, "Mommy? I brought you some cold water."

Out of the blue. With no one to tell him to do that.

As I mentioned to friends later:

"This is one guy that will never make a girl cry."

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