April 20, 2010

My Celebrity Twin.

Awhile back, there was a day-long fad on Facebook: Celebrity Twin Day! Post a picture of your celebrity twin in your profile!

I didn't do it because fads are lame. Instead, I wait until the fad peters out and then I do it. Because then, it's kitschy and retro. It's like owning a lava lamp, but without the commitment.

So, here is my celebrity twin:

No, not Sheryl Crow (though I certainly wouldn't complain).

I'm talking about Willie Nelson.

It's true:


The resemblance is uncanny:

Still not sure?

I don't know when it first occurred to me that I looked like an old man.

It might have been around the time I first put my long hair into braids or tied on a bandana.

Suddenly, people on the streets were stopping me, asking if I would sign their crumpled and fragrant Ziploc baggies.

It's hard to tell the difference, I know.

Nevertheless, I don't mind being mistaken for Willie Nelson. I feel like we share a special bond. We have a real connection.


misskortney said...


Sara said...

Oh my God. I just happened to click on this blog, and whadyaknow?! It's Willie Fucking Nelson's blog! This is the coolest ever! Will you give me an autograph??? On my boobs??

Kelli said...

Sara, I just wouldn't be Willie Nelson if I turned down a boob-sign off, now would I?! Where's a Sharpie? I want you to remember this moment forever.