April 13, 2010


It's not so much an issue as just...curious.

So, Keene and I are pretty much on the same page as far as being together goes. We talk on occasion about when we're old together or when the kids come home to visit in the future, etc.

There have been a couple times when we talk specifically about wedding ideas. We are both okay with getting married.

But we're not...engaged. We will routinely go months and months in between these wedding/marriage conversations, without saying anything about it.

We're like...pre-engaged? I guess? We know it'll happen, but we're not moving on it at all.

So, here is my issue: I sometimes wonder what are we (i.e. what is HE) waiting for? Why hasn't he asked or why doesn't he talk about it more?

FYI: these thoughts pretty much only pop up around PMS time. Otherwise, I don't think about it much myself. So, in short, feel free to ignore.

He's come out and told me he wants to get married, so I think it's just girly-brain that kicks in and says, "Oh, but what if he's changed his mind?" It's lame.

So, that being said, though...I would be just fine taking a day off work to go to the courthouse. However, I know HE kind of wants a wedding, so that's another thing that is making ME hesitate to get engaged.

Weddings make me pukey.

Oh! The whole reason I posted this was to show this ring I really like. This is the kind of ring I would be happy with:

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