April 28, 2010

Hooray for Starbucks!

I noticed something curious at my last Starbucks visit.

They were selling coloring books and these:
Soy crayons.

Yay! Now vegan children can eat their crayons too!

(While searching for a photo online to use--because I'm a scaredy cat who didn't want to take the stealth camera shot myself--I found this hilarious blog post at Die Hipster .)

On a side note: I also noticed their new line of healthy snacks. One of their mass-produced, glossy signs read:

"Two Mom's in the Raw"

Really, Starbucks? Mom's?

Look, if you need some help in the editing department, I have a degree and I'll work for chais.

(That is not "chai's," just in case you're tempted. I realize that by not using the apostrophe, the word looks kind of funky...but you've got to accept it and move on. Just move on.)

Call me.

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