April 14, 2010

Pushy Books and Moratoriums

For the last few years, I have used a small jewelry box to hold all my earrings, pendants, and necklaces. It was convenient, unassuming, and fit neatly onto my book shelf:

See? Took you a moment to find it, huh?

However, my books have recently begun multiplying at a scary rate. This kicked off four subsequent events:

1) a book-shopping moratorium;

2) not being able to access my necklaces from the side compartments anymore;

3) an increase in necklace-buying;

4) a necklace-shopping moratorium.

If you have noticed lately that I'm not wearing my typical array of pendants, it's because my books are holding them hostage. "Read me or you'll never see that small, orange, daydream-inspired pendant again!" I have to admire the books' gumption, but really, it's bordering on harassment.

So, what should go: the trusty jewelry box which has never given me problems or the pushy books hell-bent on preventing me from properly accessorizing?

Well, anyone that knows me sees this coming.

It was time to find a new place for my jewelry.

And well, it isn't totally the books' fault. It is also Keene's fault. You see, he has begun making a lot of jewelry (What? You didn't know that hard-rockin' bassist makes jewelry in his spare time? Weird, eh? He also crochets, knits, and sews. Multi-faceted, that one. But that calls for another post altogether.) I am suddenly coming into a lot more jewelry than I've ever had.

Conveniently, I saw this post on the decorating and DIY guru blog,
Three Men and a Lady:


(I won't re-post the picture that inspired me, because I've been reading all these articles lately about copyright issues and blogs being removed...better safe than blog-less.)

So, for those of you whose mouse or index finger is broken and unable to click on the above link, I'll explain. Basically, this crafty chick found a large ornate frame and spray-painted it white. Next, she bought peg board and also painted that white. Then she found a batch of hooks and pegs and inserted them into the peg board.

Voila! Jewelry frame!

With the basic idea in my mind, I scoured thrift stores for frames. I wanted something ornate, like the original creator's frame. Man alive, that is hard to find! But just when I was about to give up and go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond...

(I kid...I would rather just store my jewelry in the toilet than shop there.)

Anyhow, just as I was about to give up on the idea, I found this:

The shadow box-style frame is probably about 9x12 inches, with small carved flowers, and the best part: it opens up from the bottom. Excellent way to protect jewelry from devilish cats.

Okay, Step One: Find a frame. Check.

Step Two: Punch out the gross, pillow-y backing of frame. Discard immediately.

Step Three: Get peg board. Well...

Let's get it out there right now: Half-assed could very well be my middle name. It's certainly more fitting than Michelle. When I start a project, I would rather jump into it head-first and work out the kinks later. Planning ahead and getting it right the first time just don't work for me.

Such was the case with this. I knew I should get the peg board. I knew where to get the peg board. I knew peg board would be durable and long-lasting. But I was impatient. I decided I would just use leftover corkboard from another project I had just finished.

So I cut the corkboard down to size:

Then, when I decided the cork wasn't very pretty, I covered it with fabric I had originally purchased with the intention of asking Keene to make a dress for me.

Eh, I don't look good in dresses, anyways:

Using craft glue, I adhered the fabric to the cork board and let it dry overnight (or rather, over 2-3 nights, because I forgot about it).

Meanwhile, I spent a week intermittently spray-painting the frame (and various objects which got in the way, including grilled burgers on one careless night) a rich, yellow color.

Finally, it was time to put it all together. I used wood glue to secure the cork into the frame. Then I stuck some pretty pushpins into the cork. I'm not sure if I will stick with the pushpin idea, but it works for now.

(FYI: Check out that awesome orange necklace my friend, Rachel, made for me. She has an Etsy site if you're interested in her work.)

Once I hang this on the wall, I will stick all my jewelry on, and take a final photo. And then get rid of my old jewelry box to make way for even more books.

Moratorium = temporarily lifted.

Notes from the Future: jewelry has been added!

Because I have some many outrageously long necklaces, I just hung those next to the jewelry case.

Bag-lady chic: it'll be all the rage someday.

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