April 12, 2010

The Greatest (Colorado) Adventurers

Keene and I don't travel the world. It's true, we don't. Maybe if we had the expendable income (and slightly older kids), we would. But since we don't, we work with what we can: jaunts around Colorado and, on occasion, to various states.

First we take Colorado, then we take America, and finally...the world.

It's all in the plan. The Plan.

Which Keene may not know yet, come to think of it.

In any event, regardless of where (or what) we are exploring, we enjoy it and appreciate it. And that's what makes us the greatest adventurers I know.

Getting on with the post, though, one of my immediate goals is to make a 50-mile and 100-mile radius around Denver, exploring all the little towns and mountains and open valleys that you won't find in a Frommer's guide.

To keep track of this goal, I decided to stick a map on a bulletin board. Complicated, huh?

But I couldn't have just any old bulletin board to serve as my Colorado trekker. Oh no.

I had to find the perfect frame first. Plus, I needed an excuse to go on a mad thrift-store shopping spree. Along with the perfect frame, I found a large piece of cork.

Which I prompty cut up, while worrying that the old board somehow contained asbestos.

Then the unexpectedly hard part came:
Trying to find a map of Colorado...in the state of Colorado.

Lawdy, it shouldn't be that hard. I checked many stores with no luck. Finally, I discovered that Keene had a road atlas tucked away in the closet. I tore it out and stuck it in my frame, where it will be put to better use.

Rather than just sticking pins in--which just wouldn't be hip enough--I decided to glue various buttons or rocks aquired from the particular destination in which the pin is representing. Just to add a little spice.

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