April 26, 2010


Remember when I posted about that super creepy spider-centipede-looking bug? This is what it looks like if you need a refresher:


Anyhow, Keene found one at his band space. What do you think he did?

Yup, brought it home. In a jar. And named it Eric.

He took it to work, where he was supposed to let it go, but instead switched it to a clear box from his lab and filled it with bugs for Eric to eat, as well as plants and stuff. Then brought it back home. He told me about it right away, saying, "I didn't want to just hide it in the tool closet and be deceitful, but I promise you won't even see it."

Arg. I can't let this set a precedent of keeping nasty bugs, though! "Uh oh, Eric died...I better find something else to put in this cage. Like a scorpion or an alligator or a dinosaur!"

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