April 8, 2010

3 Kings Tavern’s Rock & Roll Garage Sale

(Reposted from Colorado Music Buzz, April Issue)

If I were to describe my idea of a perfect day, it would consist of bright and sunny weather, no work (natch), listening to music, sipping on a cheap Bloody Mary, and browsing the random treasures offered by a stranger. And so that’s how it was on Saturday the 13th. Perfect.

In what seems to be the best idea since full-body scanners at the airport (yowza!), 3 Kings Tavern has created a reason to come down and drink at noon. Every month, on the second Saturday, the bar hosts a “Rock & Roll Garage Sale.” Vendors come by around 11:15 and set up tables (bring your own) to sell whatever wares they see fit. Based on my visit, there were lots of Rock paraphernalia like concert posters and records. However, there were also non-music-related items for sale: handmade tissue box covers, art pieces, clothing, DVDs, and hair clips. And here’s the best part for you, sellers: it is absolutely free.

For the buyers and browsers, there are plenty of reasons to drop by this event, in addition to the awesome (and usually cheap) stuff for sale. For one, how does a $3 Bloody Mary sound? Or, how about a free concert? Musicians are able to drop by around the same time as the vendors and ask to play a set. Bam! Just like that. By creating an event that is both free and beneficial to all involved, 3 Kings has cemented itself in my mind as the most brilliant bar on Broadway.

Drop by the next Rock & Roll Garage Sale on Saturday, April 10th, from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. at 60 South Broadway.


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