March 12, 2010

Toilet Rides and Grundies

When I was growing up as a wee bairn in Utah, I had an older brother and sister. Living where we did, we had to create fun things to do. Much like life on the prairie, or so I imagine. We did household chores and we created fun things to do.

One fun thing was the grundy. The first step to executing a grundy is to get your opponent on the ground (and you'll need to be on the ground, as well, but be careful. Surprise-reverse-grundies have been known to happen to unsuspecting initiators). Next, you grab his or her ankles. Then place your foot at the crotch of the opponent. The final step is to push into the crotch with your foot, while pulling their ankles toward you, all the while yelling, "Grundy! Grundy!"

The other fun (and slightly safer) thing we created were toilet rides. This is when you lay on your back with your feet in the air. Then, the other person sits on your raised feet, as if using a toilet. Finally, you kick with both feet, launching that person into the air.

These are the kinds of activities I like to pass on to the kids. Well, not the grundy. I wouldn't have taught them that. However, after a visit to my big sister's house, in which she pinned me down and gave me a grundy in front of Kayden--not the highlight of my parenting career, by the way--he learned of it. And then showed Maia.

I felt, however, that toilet rides may be a good tradition to pass down.

Being the parent this time around, though, I implemented some extra safety precautions. Because, you know, safety is my motto and all.

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