March 28, 2010

Thrift Store Hall of Fame, Volume One

I can't think of a better place to spend my (occasionally) hard-earned money than the thrift store. I love walking through the doors and instantly becoming overwhelmed by all the neat junk there is too peruse. Should I start at the dusty glass case filled with jewelry and cameras? Or the bookshelves filled with copies of Wild Animus and every John Grisham novel ever written? Or should I delve into the racks of musty clothing? Oh boy!

My earliest memory of thrift-store shopping was as a teenager, sifting through racks of little boy clothing. I found the coolest yellow football jersey which fit perfectly ("perfectly" at the time meant a tad too tight). From then, thrift stores became a way of life, whether it was by necessity, out of convenience, or just for fun.
Here are some of my all-time favorites purchases:
Urban Renewal tee, made in Compton (think it's bullet-proof?), fits like a dream: $3.00

Air Force style coat with patches and a liner that looks like a map: $6.00

Kayden wears this sucker every day.

L-R: black Kenneth Cole flats, tweed Xhilaration heels, leopard-print flats, yellow Xhilaration flats, gray Preview mary-janes flats, and lime Steve Madden kitten heels: each for about $4-$5.

I remember feeling very grossed out at the idea of wearing another person's shoes. But then I came across the leopard-print flats and reallllllllly loved them. I decided to try it out. Turns out, my feet didn't shrivel up or get athlete's foot. So I cautiously began buying more and more shoes from the thrift store. I have yet to get diseased feet.

When you consider that I walk barefoot through the city all summer anyways,
wearing someone else's shoes stops becoming weird.

Firooza. This picture is legendary.

The caption reads,

"The first time ever I saw your face
The moon and stars shone in your eyes.
Love, Firooza."

Since buying this for $2.99, we've often pondered its importance. Who is Firooza? Is he the seemingly-drunk guy in the photo? Or is Firooza the lover of the man in the photo?

We'll probably never know. However, Firooza is now a member of the family, and this photo is hanging in our living room.

I found all these items in one shopping trip. I didn't intend for them to wind up as my coffee set, but it works out well. Coffee grounds go into the owl vase, sweetener packets go in the honeybee jar, and stirrers go in the Pete mug (which no one but me, being the only Petersen here, is allowed to drink from).

This is the newest addition. This funky piece was created in 1968 by someone named Cordy(?). It's pretty neat, completely made up of overlapping wood pieces: $8.00.

I rarely buy furniture from the thrift store, but I don't know why. I guess I just rarely have use for another couch or table. However, I saw this armoire and just had to get it. Up to this point, we had the television sitting on a boring tv stand. We didn't want it just sitting out like that, so we stuck it in the armoire. It's really nice being able to close the doors and the area instantly looks neater and less cluttered.

When we bought it, we planned to repaint it a funky orange color. However, the blue color is pretty cool as is, so we're not in too big a rush to change it.

Records! Keene and I obviously scour the records whenever we go to a thrift store. Depending on where you go, they run from $.99 to $3.00 each. Pretty good, considering the classics you may find. Here are some of my favorites over the last couple years.

Unfortunately, I'm now on a book-shopping moratorium. I've filled about three full-size bookshelves with $1 paperbacks and $2 hardcovers, and now have nowhere else to store them. So, until I can clear some space by getting rid of books I've read and disliked, I'm not allowed to buy anymore.

And finally, three-piece, blue pinstriped suit: $10.00

Me-ow! I love a guy that can rock a beanie with a suit.

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