March 16, 2010

The Sharks by Maia

Sharks are mean.
And they eat people.
There are tiger sharks. They are mean, too.
Sharks do not jump out of water.

(Kayden: But some do.
Kelli: Hold on, this is her article.
Kayden: But it's true.)

They are feisty.
And very mean.
Why are sharks mean?
Because some eat people.
Why do they eat people?
Because they are always very hungry.
Do you know why they are very hungry?

(Kayden: Because they're big and have a big stomach.)
Kayden did part of this story.

(Kayden: You mean less than a quarter.)

You know sharks are very mean, because they eat people.
Because they have a big stomach, they can eat a lot.
Sharks are very rude.
And why are sharks rude?
Because they're bullies!
Why are sharks bullies?
Because they're ruders.
Sharks hate people!
They eat fish!

(Kayden: Sometimes they eat tuna fish!)
Kayden: Don't write that!
Kayden: No!)

Sharks are also very tiny.

(Kayden: Not always. Sometimes they're big.)

I said they're always not small.
Sometimes they are very weird and wild.
Why are they wild?
Because they're sharks!
Two sharks at a time battling one person....Ahh!

(Kayden: It's a thingakabobber!)
How many words do you know about sharks?
What do you know about sharks?
Sharks, you know, you should not go by them for fun
or crocodiles that kind of look like fish, which they might eat.

Do you like sharks? Sometimes.
And there's always a shark at the beach if you go really fast in the water, surfing. It would bite your surfboard. If you're surfing, you would probably be the one that gets eaten by a shark.
For the beginning of this story, it was great having you here and would you ever care for a shark? Some people do.
Sharks are very rude and I hope you enjoyed this story about sharks.

The End.