March 18, 2010

Meet Ol' Crazycakes.

Okay, so this guy is kind of like an exec here. He's an older guy, nice but gruff.

Anyhow, he must think I'm pretty dense. He explains every little thing to an agonizing degree. Like when he came in my office and said, "Are you cold?" I replied, "Yeah, but it's warming up a bit." He said, "Well you can close the vents, because we have the AC on." Not bad, right? But then he explained in detail about how you have to turn the little wheel on the grate to close it.

Um, yeah, I figured that out when I was six years old.

Just now, I brought in an application for him to fill out. I had meant for him to fill out a couple lines designating certifications and more technical stuff. Instead, he walked me through filling out the company name and address and so on for about four pages.

Here is an actual conversation which just took place:

Kelli: Hey, I just noticed a line that says if we're doing abatement, we need to fill out a separate form...

Joel: We're not doing abatement, we're doing renovation.

Kelli: Okay

Joel: ::reads paper:: No, we want to do the renovation so this doesn't apply to us...

Kelli: Okay ::trying to take back paper::

Joel: The abatement is through the state and costs $3,000. We want to do the renovation that costs $300...

Kelli: Okay

Joel: ::reads paper again:: Yeah, this asks for individuals. We want to register the company.

Kelli: Okay ::trying to take back paper::

Joel: ::flips through paper:: See? See where I wrote renovation? We want to register for renovation...

After a bit more exchanging, I finally got the paper back. My bad...I was just trying to verify we were doing it right. Wow.

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