March 11, 2010

"I Don't Wanna" Dance, a Tutorial

The "I Don't Wanna" dance is a viral phenomenon in our house.

It all started when Kayden didn't wanna.

Didn't wanna what? It doesn't matter. He just didn't wanna.

And now you too can perform the dance of resistance.


(Unfortunately, my usual program for uploading Powerpoints online is messing up the effects. And when the effects are this primitive to start with it stops being cheeky-funny and starts being sad.)

But! To compensate, I made the king break out the dance for some (slow) action shots.

I even let Maia take a shot at it, although she's typically more of a glare-until-your-face-melts kind of tantrum-thrower. When attempting the "I Don't Wanna" dance, she just can't take it seriously.

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