March 15, 2010

I compromised on something huge. Literally.

Keene has an original record console from the 60s. He loves it. It's been at his parents' house for a couple years because he had nowhere to store it. Since our apartment doesn't really have storage, he had resigned to getting rid of it. He told me he was really upset about it, though he knew it would be unreasonable to keep it.

I told him if we got rid of his huge dining room table and switched to a pub table, we would have room to store his console where the table used to be.

Poor guy was so happy.

This thing is at least 4-5 feet long, 2 feet deep, 3 feet tall. It's huge and bulky and very inefficient. You can't put anything on top of or inside of it. It's just like a big box. And we have a sleek little record player that we use.

But...he's done A LOT of compromising for me (including moving across town to put his kid in school with my kid since I wouldn't move). It's the least I could do, I guess.

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