March 6, 2010

Give a Day. Get a Disney Day.

We are planning a trip to San Diego for June. We will be visiting LegoLand, Sea World, the beach...and DisneyLand. With ticket prices to the greatest place on earth (or is that the circus?) being so high, we were hesitating about including this festivity in our trip.

However, Disney has created a program called Give a Day/Get a Disney Day, designed to spark volunteer services. They will give you a free ticket if you volunteer with one of the designated programs.

The process is this:

- You sign up at the website (see link above).
- You choose from their extensive (but steadily decreasing) list of charities and organizations. Each one has very specific criteria (such as age, date, tasks, and backgrounds) which you must meet.
- Sign up for your chosen assignment.
- You will then receive a confirmation email if you are approved.

A couple caveats: You must know what day you want to use the ticket when you do your volunteering. Also, you must be at least six years old (or older, for some assignments).

I let the Dude pick out what we will be doing to earn our tickets. He chose to work at the Colorado Railway Museum, which will be neat. You can bet there will be photos of our experience.

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