March 2, 2010

Did-It-Myself Coat Rack.

While browsing blogs, I always right-click-save pictures that appeal to me. One of them was this photo:

This coat rack was made by the brainy chick at Three Men and a Lady. You can find the original project here.

So, I kept that photo in my Ideas folder for a month or two, then decided my own DIY-time had come. I showed the picture to Keene who said, "Huh. Yeah, that could be cool."

(See, it would be un-manly to look at a coat rack and say enthusiastically, "Oh yes, yes! I'll choose the paint!" So, his open-mindedness was a good sign.)

We went to Home Depot and began compiling the pieces for this coat rack. After debating about the thickness and quality of wood for an hour, we settled for a $.51 scrap of 2x6 wood (which, in the end, was given to us for free, since we used only 1/4 of the total length...score!).

While Keene winced at how warped it was, I said, "This is perfect!"

I sanded the edges as smoothly as my attention span would allow:

The next step was figuring out where the holes should go. While I was okay with my eyeballed placements, Keene's engineering sensibilities would not allow such frivolousness.

Then came time for drilling...

We browsed the five cans of discarded paint at Home Depot and found this olive green. I call the shade Cheap Kelli Green.

For the "hooks," we browsed all the different (and fancy) hardware HD had to offer. But none of them were us. We wanted something funky and sturdy.
So we went with Hulk-sized screws.

Then came the part that made Keene long for bachelor-hood. Because the board was warped (thank you, bargain bin!), he had to figure out how to hang it so part of the board wouldn't be pulling away from the wall. He used a varying number of washers for each corner, preventing it from wobbling.

And finally, we were done! (Well, almost done. We still have to cover the holes where it was screwed into the wall and straighten the screws slightly. But otherwise, we're done!)
It's definitely more rustic than we planned, but if it's anything, it's us.
Mission accomplished.

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