March 15, 2010

2010 Apple Awards, Starring Susan!

Last Saturday, we attended the 2010 Apple Awards at the Convention Center downtown. The Apple Awards honor teachers who routinely go above and beyond their job descriptions. We were there because one of my dearest friends, Susan Anderson, was receiving an award. She is the coordinator for a special program called Star Lab at Douglas County High School. The program operates to help high-risk teenagers finish high school. If there was any one teacher on this planet who deserved recognition for all he or she does, it is Susan. She cares about and helps her students when it can seem like no one else in the world will.

She has been there for me ever since I was rounding out my second trimester of pregnancy and wasn't quite sure what to do next with my schooling. I attended her program during my entire senior year, even bringing the newborn Kayden to class with me. If it hadn't been for this wonderful woman, I most certainly would not have graduated with my class or started college the following year.

So, congratulations to the most deserving teacher!

For all the schools which had a teacher to honor, the principal had to come out and dance to a Black-Eyed Peas song. Ha, if they hadn't properly valued their fantastic teachers before this night, they certainly will now.

And on a side note, I am never wearing high heels again. My feet do not approve of anything with more than a one-inch rise. I don't care how grown-up they may make me feel. There is nothing adult-like about crying from blisters.

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