February 10, 2010

Out With the New

I bought an expensive (well, expensive for me) camera back in 2001 or 2002. It was a Canon Z135 with a zoom lens like a telescope. And I mean that in length, not in clarity. The zoom is like two feet long. Behold.

Around 2003, maybe, a friend gave me a...gasp!...digital camera for my birthday. I was drawn to its glamour, its convenience, its instantly gratifying screen. Into the drawer went my big Canon, to be forgotten and forsaken
However, I recently dug it out for reasons beyond me. Maybe I was getting bored with the perfection of the digital age. Oh, you didn't take a good photo? Try it again! Oh, you took a picture of me? Let me see, let me see! Now, take it again! The Canon is pure. It's a camera without trying to be anything more than a camera. It has, like, four settings. Not a whole menu, with different styles and themes. Simple.
So, let's see how long this fad of mine lasts, before I revert to my old-new ways.

Oh, and please say hello to the newest member of our family:

Keene's hair

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