February 10, 2010

A Jaunt to the Aquarium

When faced with a free Saturday or Sunday, Keene and I try to fill it with amazing-ness. The house needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to be washed, crochet orders need to be filled...yet that is no way to spend a day! That's more like what gets shoved into the two hours between the kids' bedtime and our bedtime on a Tuesday night.

This past Sunday was the Superbowl. We dodged several invites to parties, instead settling on the aquarium. It was bound to be nearly empty.

First, we stopped at Steve's Snappin' Dogs off of Colfax, for some excellent hot dogs, beer, and milk.

Then hoo-ah! Off to the aquarium!

This is the elusive humpback shark, evolved from many, many years of slouching.

"Hey, guys! You want to split my Gogurt with me?"

These seahorses have been sitting around all day, watching the Superbowl, and eating way too much junk food.

I'm going to add this as another goal: to die and reincarnate as an evil red fish with glowing eyes.

This will be my henchman, Hank the Eel.

And this shall be my arch-nemesis, the happy-go-lucky puffer blow-up fish
with the to-die-for lips.

These fish look like they just brawled.

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