February 18, 2008

How dire is my work situation?

Here are the facts:

- The office manager (and a couple key people) know I'm going through a divorce. She's been very understanding.

- I've been getting along with coworkers really well lately and the office manager has been praising me a lot.

- However, I missed work on Tuesday because I was sick. I was 1.5 hours late to work yesterday because of the ice storm we had. She didn't really seem annoyed at either of these.

- I'm feeling really shitty today, but am worried about leaving early, because of missing Tuesday and being late yesterday.

- When I'm here, I get all of my work done. But when I'm gone, it causes kind of a problem because the admins have to divide the phone schedule and sorting mail and such.

Should I be this worried? I'm planning to talk to the Office Manager about this, but I worry that she'll pretend everything is fine up until I get fired.

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