February 26, 2010

Embroider Me

A fellow crocheter makes hats with wonderfully simple embroidered designs. She makes it look so easy that I figured, "Hell, I can do that!" Turns out, not so much. My first attempt was to make a simple five-point star design. Like this:

(I'm making diagrams, because clearly this experiment didn't last long enough to take actual photos.)

However, instead of sweet pointy stars dotting the neatly consistent rows, I ended up with a hat covered in this:

Pretty rad, huh? I was really proud of my accomplishment until I realized it was crap. Well, until everyone around me noted that it was crap. That's when it really dawned on me.

So, I took a break from embroidery. But then gave it a whirl one day while home, sick with the flu.

What do you mean you can't tell what the white is? They're swirls! Swirls!

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