January 16, 2010

5 Dating Myths in a Modern World

(Reprinted from http://www.truelovedirect.com/dating-myths-in-a-modern-world)

We’ve all grown up hearing certain myths about the dating world. Myths often grow out of a once-truthful notion, which over time became outdated or inconsequential. Other myths seem to have no basis in truth whatsoever.

Myth #1: The man must pay on the first date.
This one had its heyday, but is somewhat old-fashioned now. In this time of equality among men and women, it is becoming the norm to go dutch (or, each person paying half). However, there’s a catch: some people have been raised to believe the man should still cover the bill entirely. The best thing to do if you are the man is to assume you will be paying, so as to avoid an awkward confrontation; if you are the woman, though, offer to pay half as soon as the bill arrives.

Myth #2: Sex on the first/second/third date is Relationship-Death.
Once again, this myth stemmed from an older time when a girl’s purity was more important than her personality. Fortunately, times have changed. More and more women are taking charge of their sexuality. Having sex early in a relationship no longer means he won’t call the next day. Nevertheless, a person should never give into pressure or move faster than to what they are accustomed. But if you both are feeling frisky, don’t let dated qualms stop you.

Myth #3: Dinner and a movie are a surefire first date combination.
No, no, no. A movie should rarely, if ever, be a first date activity. How are you supposed to get to know this person sitting awkwardly beside you, unsure of whether to hold your hand or whether he can make a quiet joke. Save that date for Round Three or Four. Instead, for a first date, focus on activities which encourage open talking: hiking, dining, bowling, sports games, etc.

Myth #4: You must wait three days after a date to call.
This is one of those dating games that tend to hinder, rather than help, a budding relationship. In the past, a person did not want to seem too eager by contacting his or her date right away. However, in today’s world of constant communication, not contacting your date for over three days may turn that person off. Don’t play games. If you had a good time, call or email and say it.

Myth #5: The man must make the first move.
Like the first myth about a man paying for the date, this one is also a gender-based oldie. Let’s face it: men today are not as brazen as they may have been decades ago. Luckily for them, women are becoming more assertive by the year. If, at the end of the night, your date begins the awkward, foot-shuffling, eye-contact-avoiding dance of the unsure and undecided, do him (and yourself) a favor and lean in for a kiss. While in the past, such a move might have been seen as wanton or even scandalous, today it is not only acceptable, but also downright appreciated by the shy boys.

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