December 7, 2009

Welcome Old-Man Car

So, my MIA boss (who lives in CA and doesn't really even work here anymore) just dropped by because he's in town. We talked about how the new landlord is really strict about leaving cars in the parking lot for more than 72 hours. Boss has a car parked here but doesn't need it. He mentioned that he's going to try to sell it today before he goes home, otherwise he'll donate it. I told him I'm car-shopping and would consider buying it. He said it runs perfectly (though it's not great in the snow) and that he loves the car. I know he would say if it had a big problem. . It's an Infiniti, but I don't know what year... Oh, and it has a Bose sound system in it.


Oh, and he just said he would take $800 for it, since I have that in cash on me right now. I could take it home today.


He has all maintenance documentation. He's only ever taken it to the same dealer for repairs. He's always used premium gas and has maintained it very well.

I drove it and it's awesome. It has a lot of fancy features, including a 10-disc CD player, automated everything, leather seats, etc. He said it's his baby, but he has no reason to bring it back to CA with him.

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