November 30, 2009

Something bad happened and you will all judge

I judge me too.

My car got repossessed. Even if I shouldn't have been, I was absolutely shocked. My only defense is that that brouhaha with the bank and our accountant reeeeeeeally fucked up my finances and I wasn't able to catch up on payments as I had been planning to do. I had informed the bank that I would be making a payment on Saturday.

Instead, they took my car Friday at midnight. First thing Saturday morning, I got up and started making calls to the bank to see what I had to do to get it back. Turns out, the people I need to talk to aren't in until Monday.

Because of this, we pushed our trip to WY until Monday, after I can talk to the bank. I acknowledge that it's totally my fault that this happened. But at the same time, why did they have to do it during the weekend, when there is no chance of getting back for a few days?

Soooooooo...I'm totally embarrassed about this and haven't even told anyone (except my g-ma, because she wanted to know why we would be late). I have to find out what they need from me and what kind of deadline I'm facing. I can swing the past due payments (since I had been planning to pay them Saturday anyways), but I don't know what the repo fees will cost.

Ugh. Just ugh.


I have paid over 50% of the loan...only have two years left on it. My plan of action is to see what the fees are. I suspect I will only have to pay what is owed, plus the repo fees. That was the impression the lady at the bank's call center gave me...however, I won't know for sure until I talk to the repo department on Monday.

If it is just the $1,000 plus fees, I'm going to see how much time I have to pay it. If they allow two weeks, it wouldn't be a problem, though I kind of doubt this scenario. If I had to pay the remainder of the loan ($7K left), I'll be pretty much fucked. I'll have to give up at that point and try to find a new car.

I'm just crossing my fingers that the repo fees won't be too bad...


I lost the car. I talked to the bank. They wanted a lot more than I could come up with and they wanted it by today at noon. I'm pretty sad because I lost my car, but at the same time, I have to think this is the universe telling me to get a car I could afford better. I'm going to look into buying a car outright, so I can focus on paying down my bills.

Final update:

The more time that goes by, the more I'm thinking of this whole debacle as a blessing in disguise. I've been struggling with payments for a while now, but couldn't get out from under the car. So, by them taking it, I'll have to pay the difference between what I owe and what someone buys it for. But I won't be strapped down by the payments anymore. I've decided to just buy a car outright.

I looked on Craigslist for a bit last night to assess the situation. Turns out, there are lots of great, affordable cars needing only minor repairs. Sadly, many of the listings said something like, "Need to sell by Saturday...need to pay rent".

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