October 23, 2009

Why can't we go back to the barter economy?

Earlier this week, a large charge hit my account unexpectedly, the bank passed it through (even though a bunch of smaller charges had already hit my account). So, because the bank passed the large charge through first, allllllll those little charges got fees tacked on. Cue utter clusterfuck.

Obviously this is my fault, not the bank's. But as of today, I've gotten 16 fees from the bank, over the course of a few days. That's close to $500 in fees. They've sent back checks, then re-sent the same checks...just a huge mess. My account has never been this fucked in my life.

So, my plan was to get my paycheck cut (rather than direct deposited) so I could still pay my bills, then pay down the bank fees. That way, bills and living expenses would be taken care of, and I could slowly dig my way out of the mess. Earlier in the week, I told the accountant I wanted my check cut, to which he said that was just fine.

Today I found out that he forgot and direct deposited my check anyways. It has pretty much been swallowed up by my account.

You know the irony of the situation? The large charge that went through and set this whole mess into action?

My debt consolidation payment. Zing!

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