October 23, 2009

Phone Calls with Mom and Sister

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so I called her. She sounded so depressed. I talked with her a little and found out that:

1. Her boyfriend was arrested the night before for fighting with some cops.

2. She was getting evicted from her apartment, for sneaking in her boyfriend. (She lives in a secured government housing, in which the residents only pay $50 a month, but must not drink/do drugs, cannot have visitors, etc.) I asked if she could go back to the shelter, but she said it's full. Looks like she'll be on the streets again very soon. It damn near broke my heart to hear her cry, "It's so cold out there...I don't want to be on the streets again."

3. She hasn't been able to find any work for weeks, though she goes to a Labor-Ready place every day.

4. She's still drinking. She cried about how she just can't stop. She's going to all kinds of programs (mandated by the courts). Because of this, she may be going back to jail soon, for violation of parole. I want her to go back to jail, though. It'll be hard on her, sure, but she would have to get sober, wouldn't have to worry about sleeping on the streets, or getting beaten up all the time.

5. She's talking very morbidly, telling me that she wants to give me all the stuff that is valuable to her (photos, a blanket I gave her for Christmas, and a tray I made for her in junior high...that's it), and that she doesn't trust anyone else to take care of it.

Yowza. I feel really bad for her. There's nothing I can or will do (though I did offer to call her apartment manager to pay a month of rent for her, but then I found out she was being evicted for breaking the rules). Before hanging up with her, she thanked me for calling, because no one else had.

I talked to my sister afterward and that cheered me up. We joked around (I think that's our defense mechanism against the situation: making fun of it) and talked a bit. I said, "Can you imagine what it would be like to have a mom who throws you a baby shower or babysits your kids when you want to go out?" She replied, "I can't even think of that....it's so unreal to me."

We talked about our dad a bit. Let me say: this is so awesome. As long as I've known him, he's never seemed to have any fun. However, Terri told me that he's going to a Halloween party. I was like, "BWA?! Dad is going to a party?!" She said, "Yes, he's going as a pimp." Now, keep in mind that my dad is SO straight-laced that this completely blew me away. I didn't think he even knew what a pimp was. Moreover, Terri said he's going to the party with three chicks. My dad, the player. I'm glad he's finally living it up a bit.

Anyhow, before getting off the phone with Terri, she thanked me for cheering her up. That made me feel really good.

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