October 5, 2009

Ninjas and Yarmulkes

Friday night, we went to the kids' school for the fall carnival. Little did we know, there were ninjas in the area:

And those sneaky bastards tried to initiate Maia:

After the carnival, I took Kayden to his dad's house, then went home. Kaci came over for some crocheting, drinks, and infused Nutella bars.

Keene took an unfinished hat and rocked it as a yarmulke:

But then I made the executive decision that it needed its own curls (like as Hasidic Jews wear):

All day Saturday (yes, ALL day) was spent crocheting, while Keene knitted. No pictures of this nonstop excitement.

Sunday: we decided we should get off our butts and do something fun with the kids.

So we went hiking:

We climbed trees:

The kids rolled in the dirt:

Then we went home in time for dinner.

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