October 22, 2009

The kids are pressuring us to marry.

Weirdly enough.

Last weekend during dinner, Maia came right out and asked when we were getting married. We both hemmed and hawed over the question, saying not everybody who is together needs to get married. She said, "But when are YOU getting married?"

This is following on the heels of Kayden introducing Maia to his Cub Scout pack as his "little sister," which made Keene choke up a bit.

Sometimes I think that wouldn't be such a bad idea. But then other times I remember that we've only been together for 14 months. THEN I remember that Josh and I were engaged at 12 months. THEN I remember the overwhelming guilt I feel to this day for marrying a guy, letting Kayden get attached to him, then having it not work out. Not sure I can do that again, even if this is what Kayden wants.

Kelli = spinning in circles today.

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