October 22, 2009

I don't like dancing with boys anymore.

Here's my theory of cheating: anything you wouldn't do with your mom/dad is cheating. Well, to be more exact, anything you wouldn't do with them at least borders on inappropriate.

For example, would you bump and grind with your dad on the dance floor? No? Then it's inappropriate to do it with a stranger. Would you joke with your dad about sex? Then it's inappropriate to do it with someone besides your boyfriend. And so on. Obviously, this doesn't work for everyone, but it's just my personal gauge for what is and isn't appropriate when I'm in a relationship.

So, on Saturday night, Kort, Kaci, and I went dancing and had a lot of fun. But several times in the night, a guy started trying to dance with me. That made me feel kind of squicky in itself. However, once they started grinding against me or touching my hips, my cheat-o-meter went skyrocketing, so I would dance away from them. And since boys just can't seem to dance without taking it too far...well...I felt weird about the whole thing. I would have rather just danced with the girls.

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