October 26, 2009

Day One of No Kids.

It is Fall Break for the kids. Maia is visiting her mom until Saturday. Kayden is staying with his dad until Sunday.

Day One:

- Arrive home from dropping Kayden off with his dad. Text with Scott to make sure he arrived safely.

- Keene and I eat leftover birthday cake for lunch.

- Get into war with Kayden's vast collection of Nerf guns

- Drink bourbon and orange juice

- Experiment with coffee, bourbon, and mint ice cream

- Watch tv without shirts on

- Crochet pieces of bread while tipsy on bourbon

- Eat a dinner of leftover pizza, yogurt, and mini Snickers bars

Needless to say, the house is WRECKED right now. We're horrible. Apparently the kids are all that stop us from becoming klassy drunks.

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