October 21, 2009

Cake Decorating.

I saw a tip online for a certain kind of process.

Basically, you print out an image onto paper. Tape the paper onto a cutting board. Tape seran wrap over the paper. Then, you trace over the lines from the image with icing, onto the seran wrap. Freeze it.

Next, you fill in any colors, then freeze that. Finally, after it's all frozen, you untape the seran wrap, flip it onto the cake (carefully). The idea is that you can then press the frozen icing onto the cake like a mirror image of the computer printout.

Has anyone tried this? I think I'm going to attempt it with some Pokemon characters.


I froze the icing for about two hours on seran wrap. I tried to stick it to a paper towel afterward. It wouldn't even come off of the seran wrap. Even after I smooshed it down. So, next up, I'm trying the parchment paper.


I think the icing trick will work! I've tried a bunch of different methods, but this latest one seems to do the trick.

(That's Giratina from Pokemon)

For reference, this is the picture I used:

The whole time I was working on it, Kayden kept coming over and saying, "Whooooooa! You're doing a super job."

I told him, "If this works out, I'm going to be the best mom ever. And if this doesn't work out, I'm going to be the best mom ever. You remember that."


Final update:

When it came time to sticking it on the cake, it was a mess. Most of the icing either flaked off or wouldn't come off at all. I ended doing a lot of it free-hand on the cake, while Kaci filled in colors.

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